Datasäkerhet och Informationssäkerhet

Robert Malmgren AB

“Trust is good, control is better.”


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Latest docs from 2008 is below.

Documents Published 2008

Robert talked about information security and secure information on IQPC's large workshop for archivists, information officers, communicators, and others in Stockholm 2008-10-16. The presentation is available here in PDF (2.6 Mb)

Robert talked about SCADA security in Norwegian NVE's conference in Oslo on IT security in the operating system / control room. 2008-10-15 in PDF (1.3 Mb)

Robert sat on a panel on practical safety testing in SANS SCADA Security Summit in Amsterdam 2008-09-08 in PDF (1.3 Mb)

Tobias took part in a test of several firewalls to see how they fared against IPv6, download from IPv6 Firewalls or from ROMAB Local copy