SBPL - SandBox Policy Language devtools

Devtools for vim/macvim

This is a syntax file for the vim editor which will make it understand and print apples sandbox files in pretty colors. The syntax file can be downloaded here: sbpl.vim

installation of vim syntax files:

Installation is simple, but easy to forget. Download the file, place it in ~/.vim/syntax/. You alsow need to specify for vim how it should detect the filetype. Here is a simple one that will make it assume that *.sb files are sandbox files:

Edit ~/.vimrc and add the following:
au FileType '*' exe('setl dict+='~/.vim/syntax/'.&filetype.'.sbpl)

Other stuff that uses the apple sandbox

There are some other people/projects that utilizes the sandbox. Most known is probably google chrome, but here are some pointers for those that want examples / inspiration / cut & paste friendly code or whatever.

MacOSX paths where sandbox profiles may be found

LaunchDaemons that uses the sandbox

These are the launch daemons from osx 10.6 that uses the sandbox. Note that some of these may still utillize the sandbox by using sandbox_init