This is an early beta for testing the tor sandbox for osx.
To install, do the following steps: 
	1. unzip the
	2. cd
	3. tar xvf ../path/to/tor-sandbox.tar

Start tbb as usual. Notice how everything hangs and doesnt work^w^w^w^w WORKS PERFECTLY.
Do not use this for anything sensitive. The sandbox logs like crazy
in /var/log/system.log, and leaves traces elsewhere on the system.

Cleanup code is not present at the moment.

Note: This will only work in MacOSX 10.7. If you try it on earlier versions, the
sandbox won't compile and nothing will work. 

You can temporarly disable the sandbox if you want by editing vidalia.conf and place
the following stansa somewhere in the file:

Enjoy, and make sure to bug me to fix bugs that annoys you.