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Lots of activity in the world of DNSSec

The last weeks alot of things have happened in the DNSSec part of the world. The root (.) was signed last wednesday in a formal key signing cermony. Lots of people involved, among others Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, Jakob Schlyter and Fredrik Ljunggren. Fredrik and Jakob have been seminal to make this all happen! And AMEL is one of the selected few to become a Chief Crypto Officer - thats way cool! Jakob have written a good article what this means for top level domains, now we have a signed root. There is even a video of the key signing cermony.

EurID, the registry for the .EU domain have announced that it have signed its zone and that it will be able to allow customers to use DNSSec in .EU. The maintainers of .ORG also say that they've enabled DNSSec, and one of the major news was that the organisation ISOC - internet society, was the first domain to be signed in the .ORG zone.

Get more information on the signed DNS root zone, or on DNSSec itself
Written by Robban @ 2010-06-25