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Some people just don't like the terminal and vi, I can't understand why? Asking these people to edit text files with key value pairs won't work, so I developed a GUI for them to make it easier to configure IronFox. Almost all properties in IronFox is supported at the moment, and can easily be activated ordeactivated by checking or unchecking boxes.


It's my first application developed in xcode, objective c. And I don't know yet if I like the framework or not. Right now the app just works with IronFox but will later support other apps in the IronSuite. IronSettings is in the beta state and feedback would be nice. The app is included a bit ugly in the IronFox-0.8.2.dmg, so if you missed it you might want to look again in the dmg file.

Find IronSettings

Other stuff done lately is the inclusion of and These scripts will search for updates for both IronFox and Firefox, but are not yet activated as we need to do some more testing. These will later be configurable by using IronSettings. Oh, i already found a bug in on line 70, just after release. Good thing they are not activated yet.

Written by Tobbe @ 2010-11-26